Constitution of International Society for Heart Research Chinese Section

(Amended in October 1998, XiĄŻan)


      International Society for Heart Research Chinese Section was established in 1989. The Section is a non-profit and non-governmental organization consisting of cardiovascular scientists in China.

  • Goals and Objectives

      Our mission is to promote the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in the cardiovascular sciences on a world-wide basis through publications, congresses and other media. That will be accomplished by the following:

    • To promote the exchange of ideas on a world-wide basis between scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of cardiovascular biology and medicine.

    • To promote discovery and dissemination of knowledge in all areas of cardiovascular biology and medicine.

    • To organize and support national and international congresses devoted to all aspects of cardiovascular research.

    • To provide an international forum for discussion of problems and controversies at the cutting edge of cardiovascular research.

    • To publish a specialized journal devoted to advances in cardiovascular research.

    • To promote communication and cooperation between Chinese and international colleagues.

  • Members

      Membership is open to any individual who is actively interested in any aspect of experimental or clinical research in the cardiovascular system. As soon as accepted by the Section, one will automatically be a member of general ISHR.


  • Rights and Responsibility of Members

      Members of ISHR Chinese Section have the right:

      • to take part in and submit reports at congresses, and symposia convened by the Section and ISHR

      • submit for publication the results of their research in the congress materials and in the domestic and international journals under the name of ISHR

      • to put forward proposals to improve Society's activities and to participate and vote at the ISHR Chinese Section Congress

      • to be elected to the governing bodies, commissions and committees of the Society.

      • periodical submission of membership dues

Privilege of Members

  • reduced personal subscription rates to the journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology,

  • reduced registration fees at Section and World Meetings,

  • reciprocal membership privileges of other Sections,

  • receiving news bulletin Heart News and Views for free, eligibility for Peter Harris Award for senior investigators; consideration for young investigator awards and international travel awards.

  • Executive Committee

      The Executive Committee is formed by scientists who are committed to promoting the development of the Section and have made substantial contributions to the development of cardiovascular biology and medicine. The Committee members shall be elected by the sectional congress. The obligation of the committee members include:

    • to supervise and evaluate the scientific research and organization of the Chinese Section,

    • to elect President, Secretary General and Treasurer of the Section,

    • to act as the executive body of ISHR Chinese Section,

    • to maintain relations with the headquarter and other sections of ISHR as well as other international societies.

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