Cardiovascular Society of Chinese Association of Pathophysiology is a subdivision of Chinese Association of Pathophysiology (CAP). Originally named Cardiovascular Section of CAP, the society was first established in November 1982, based on the Pathophysiology Department of the former XiĄŻan Medical University (now XiĄŻan Jiaotong Univeristy School of Medicine). Our members include cardiovascular scientists in the fields of pathophysiology, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and clinical medicine and surgery. The Society was approved by National Scientific Committee and became a formal section of the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) or ISHR Chinese Section the 13th World Congress in in the year 1989. The Chinese Section of ISHR was founded on the basis of the Chinese Society for Cardiovascular Pathophysiology, and was formally approved by ISHR during)The headquarter of the Section/Society is now located at Peking University Health Science Center, with Prof. Han Qide being the current President of ISHR Chinese Section and Prof. Zhang Youyi being the current President of CAP Cardiovascular Society. Each term of the executive committee of the Section lasts for four years, now the fourth committee of ISHR Chinese Section is formed by 27 committee members who are responsible for the activities of the Section.
      At present, ISHR Chinese Section and CAP Cardiovascular Society hold a biyearly academic conference, and also organize members to take part in meetings of ISHR and other relevant academic conferences in the field of cardiovascular sciences. Alongside other subdivisions of CAP and other academic bodies including Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences, Chinese Pharmacological Society, Chinese Medical Association, the Section/Society co-organize domestic and international academic conferences including Scientific Conference on Cardiovascular Sciences Across the Strait, in order to promote the exchange, discussion, cooperation and advancement of Chinese cardiovascular researchers.

      Under the advocacy of Prof. Han Qide, the Section/Society established Ą°Lu Xing and Yang Jisheng Foundation (Lu-Yang Foundation)Ą±. The foundation and part of the funding raised for each congress are awarded to in the outstanding young cardiovascular scientists chosen by the Congress.

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